First encounter with Lily

On the evening of June 18, I was invited to Dee Dee's home for dinner again. It's been two years since we last met. She always gave me a surprise every time we met. Last time, it was a homemade birthday cake. This time, it is Lily, her daughter who I've been anticipating to see for quite a long time.

You may wonder why Lily looks like an Asian. It's true she's an Asian. To be more accurate, she is a Taiwanese. Dee Dee and Matt adopted her right after she was born.

My first impression toward her: cute and quiet. She is now able to speak, but not too many words. Instead, to my surprise, she uses the sign language. What's more surprising is she sleeps alone. I'm pretty sure Dee Dee is trying to make her into an independent girl in the future.

Dee Dee cooked pasta for the dinner. What's special about the pasta is that it is homemade. She made the pasta with a pasta machine. It tasted so fresh and chewy.

Before going home, I was invited to her place again to have a BBQ, and tomorrow is the date. I heard Dee Dee say Mike is also coming. It makes me so excited. This time, I am taking my little cousin with me.

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